Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


French Bloom is proud to present La Cuvée Vintage 2022 Blanc de Blancs, an exceptional vintage sparkling wine with 0.0% alcohol. This alcohol-free sparkling wine reveals great complexity and character and offers a truly singular tasting experience never before achieved in alcohol-free wines. Its paradox lies in the complexity of its aromas and flavors, just like a great sparkling wine at the peak of its maturity. Discover the art of alcohol-free winemaking with French Bloom La Cuvée Vintage 2022 and enjoy an incomparable sensory experience that will delight the most demanding palates. 


Winner of the prestigious title of World's Best Sommelier 2023, Raimonds Tomsons described La Cuvée Vintage 2022 as "An excellent example of a non-alcoholic sparkling wine with great complexity and depth". This distinction illustrates the exceptional quality of our new cuvée, recognized by the world's most discerning palates. 


A result of 4 years or R&D, La Cuvée Vintage 2022 is carefully crafted from organic French Chardonnay grapes from hilltop plots in the Languedoc, and surprises with its depth and complexity. Those grapes are selected as they can achieve good concentration and greater complexity of aromas. In order to exceed the expectations generally required in winemaking, nothing was left to chance in the creation of La Cuvée Vintage 2022 Blanc de Blancs. With a harvest that occurs two weeks earlier than is standard in Languedoc, ensuring a maximum acidy, organic chardonnay is aged in oak barrels for over 8 months to add to the depth of flavors.

Each opus of La Cuvée Vintage 2022 Blanc de Blancs will be unique, revealing a free and personal interpretation of the year. La Cuvée Blanc de Blancs will only be produced in the best years, to guarantee the highest level of quality. For this first opus, French Bloom has chosen 2022, a solar vintage of exceptional quality.


La Cuvée Vintage 2022 has a splendid intense-gold color, ith evolving to notes of copper, enhanced by a fine, elegant effervescence that gives rise to a delicate mousse. From the beginning, the nose reveals a remarkable complexity, evoking the characteristics of great vintage Blanc de Blancs. Enchanting notes of caramelized nuts, candied fruit, dried spices, mocha and dried apricot intermingle, enhanced by nuances of toast, vanilla, brioche and a subtle hint of aniseed on the finish. On the palate, an initial freshness gives way to a spherical, creamy texture, offering delicate flavors of mirabelle plum and marmalade, before revealing accents of honeyed dried fruit and brioche. The persistent, intense finish combines freshness, creaminess and roasted nuances, offering a tasting experience of exceptional richness and singularity.


La Cuvée Vintage 2022 is ideal for exploring the subtleties of food and wine pairing, adding a singular dimension to every gastronomic experience. This vintage cuvée is a true ode to gastronomy, offering unforgettable tasting experiences. It reveals all its splendor alongside a mature cheese such as Comté, where its delicate aromas complement the richness and roundness of the cheese. Likewise, it marries divinely with a lobster tail poached in butter, sublimated by a hazelnut sauce, where its subtle notes intertwine with the delicate flavors of this refined dish. La Cuvée Vintage 2022 is a rare and exclusive alcohol-free sparkling wine, dedicated exclusively to the world's finest gourmet tables and wine merchants.


For the perfect serve of our alcohol-free Vintage sparkling wine, La Cuvée Vintage 2022, we recommend serving it at an ideal temperature, well chilled between 4° and -6° Celsius. Opt for a tulip-shaped flute to preserve the effervescence and concentrate on the subtle aromas of this dealcoholizedsparkling wine. Accompany this gustatory experience by sharing the moment with your loved ones, for conviviality and sharing always enhance the pleasures of the table. Make the most of every momentand let yourself be transported by the complex flavors and aromas of this Vintage cuvée, in an experience that's both delicate and memorable.


La Cuvée Vintage 2022 est certifiée Vegan et Halal répondant ainsi aux besoins et aux préférences de chacun. Avec une teneur en alcool de 0 .0%, elle offre une option rafraichissante et innovante, parfaitement adaptée aux femmes enceintes et à tous ceux qui choisissent d’arrêter ou de limiter leur consommation d’alcool. Faible en calories et sans sucre ajouté, avec seulement 2,3g de sucre pour 100ml, elle est la boisson idéale pour un moment de convivialité sans compromis. De plus, elle ne contient pas de sulfites, conservateurs ou tout autre additif artificiel, préservant ainsi toutes ses saveurs authentiques.