Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?



Designed in harmony with nature, our alcohol-free organic French sparkling keep only the essential. All of French Bloom's cuvées are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, resulting in a well-balanced sparkling low in calories. From the choice of the harvest to the bottling, our alcohol-free French sparkling is the result of a precise blend of dealcoholized Organic Chardonnay wines and Organic Pinot Noir wines, and natural ingredients including lemon. Convinced that the best products come from the goodness of the Earth, our non-alcoholic sparkling Cuvées are also free of colorants, preservatives, sulfites and added sugar.


More than four years of research and development and several technical innovations were necessary to achieve the balance and aromatic complexity of Le Blanc, Le Rosé and La Cuvée Blanc de Blancs dealcoholized French Sparkling Cuvées. Our team of experts developed new techniques and creativity inspired by the wonders of nature to sign a recipe as sophisticated as it is unique. Thus, the structure of our French Cparkling Cuvées reach a noble character comparable to those of traditional sparkling wines, fine wines and spirits. To respect the integrity of the flavors and offer the healthiest sparkling possible, the carefully sourced French organic wines undergo a manual dealcoholization process which results in 0.0% alcohol content. The addition of the finest bubbles to our non-alcoholic sparkling occur gently at the end.


Thanks to a highly technical aromatic blend, the French Bloom collection of alcohol-free French Sparkling offers an exceptional tasting experience. Each alcohol-free cuvée is a complex equation of organic French wines and natural ingredients, to achieve a harmony between minerality, intensity, depth and freshness. Tasting of our non-alcoholic French Sparkling is conceived as a sensorial journey of pleasure where each step reveals a new facet as bold as it is balanced.

So much more than an alternative to the classics of the cellar, our alcohol-free creations individually embody an emotion, a character, a personality that slips in among your guests to make these precious moments of sharing sparkle.


Thanks to the first experiments of the monk Dom Perignon at the end of the 17th century, sparkling wine was born in the eponymous region of France. This know-how has innovated deeply over the centuries to become an integral part of France's historical heritage, whose excellence is recognized worldwide. France is today one of the countries that specialize in different sparkling wine processes.

350 years after the discovery of French sparkling techniques, the French Bloom  benefits from the knowledge acquired in these fields to elaborate a new excellence of the French celebration, but without alcohol this time.


So much more than a simple alternative to sparkling wine, French Bloom has been designed to elevate each of your celebrations. To open the festivities, our non-alcoholic French Sparkling can be enjoyed with a flute during a family toast or as the base of a sophisticated cocktail to toast with friends. Many sommeliers and mixologists have already integrated French Bloom in their collection of references to create different innovative and daring recipes. Finally, the aromatic notes of our alcohol-free French Sparkling pair perfectly with the most refined meals for exceptional feasts in good company.

"It’s chic, beautiful and it’s good"