Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?



Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger
& Constance Jablonski

Long-time friends, Constance & Maggie who live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, meet again in Paris in 2019. Maggie, Director of the Michelin Guide, is pregnant with twins. Constance pursues her career as a top model. Both of them are driven by a quest for well-being against all odds. During social gatherings, they soon realize how non-alcoholic, festive and sophisticated drinks are non-existent. The idea for French Bloom was born. Through their innovative and female-founded brand, French Bloom gives an alternative and inviting drink to those wanting to celebrate elegantly and differently, making the most of the precious moments shared with friends and family. A bouquet of what memories are made of...




Elevating the moment for everyone

Created to allow everyone to celebrate big and small moments with equal pleasure, French Bloom enhances the moment for everyone. Our alcohol-free organic French sparkling are dedicated to those who want to gather their loved ones and celebrate without moderation. As a tribute to the contemporary party in all its facets, we allow every guest from all walks of life to meet, share and celerbate truly together. Our ambition is to be at the heart of these moments of conviviality that allow everyone to assert their uniqueness, without compromise, while enjoying truly authentic moments with others. Like a catalyst, our creations are the festive drinks at the birth of true connection between all of those you love.


The fast-paced lifestyle of circling the globe for her career as a top model, the often-long working hours and regular time changes, paired with the industry’s expectations for near physical perfection pushed Constance to fully adopt a healthy lifestyle while striving to find an ideal wellness balance.

Only through prioritizing self-care, and taking care of the mind, as well as the body, can Constance have the energy and stamina to keep up.

Constance refuses to sacrifice the bustling social life that comes with being a Fashion It Girl, as she knows how essential her relationships and real connection are for her wellbeing.

Having woken up to the incredible power of a mindful drinking lifestyle, Constance has found a new state of being and more energy in her active life.


Friends from their days in NYC, Maggie and Constance bonded regularly at their favorite downtown Pilates class. Sharing similar wellness journeys, they both find themselves striving for balance.

Maggie is a self-proclaimed foodie and gastronomy lover, and her career at the Michelin Guide has brought her to some of the world’s best restaurants. When Maggie became pregnant with her twin boys, she suddenly found herself at loss of what to pair with the artfully worked dishes in front of her, as no real pregnant-friendly alternatives to elegant sparkling wine existed.

Maggie also felt left out of social gatherings during this time, and ultra-aware of what she consumed and how it may affect the health of her growing babies.


To support them in their ambitious and revolutionary project, the co-founders of French Bloom have been joined by experts from the world of French sparkling wine.

Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger, CEO of Champagne Frerejean Freres, a maison based in Avize focused on Grand Cru et Premier Cru Champagnes.  The entrepreneur, and Maggie's husband,  brings his know-how to the development of vintages and the techinical wine-making needed to develop French Bloom's elevated flavour architecture. 

"Organic French grapes give a nice acidity to the Rosé voted best non-alcoholic effervescent and the beautiful bottles call for celebration as soon as you pop the cork."