Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

February, 2023

Health! The well-being drinks business

Harper's Bazaar, Credit, Mélanie Mendelewitschi

Detox, alcohol -free or enriched in CBD: drinks are increasing and brands cheerfully surf on the Wellness wave.

Here mocha latte. There, infused, flat or sparkling waters, fruity with tropical accents, red fruits or citrus fruits ... a round trip in the city of angels is enough to mark the contrast; According to Whole Foods Market's rays and Erewhon stores, "well-being" drinks are infinitely available, competing in exotic assets and Healthy promises. Sexy cans like sodas, which are actually adaptogenic elixirs (alcohol-free, it should be specified) betting on the power of well-known herbs of Chinese pharmacopoeia to appease body and mind, fight against fatigue And boost mood.
The trend is such that in 2021, Bella Hadid launched the Kin Euphorics line, whose name tells all the promises. The Offer-Atlantic offer is considerable and widen the gap with France, long confined to Manichean options: until recently, armored sodas of added sugars and additives rubbed shoulders with a handful of fruit juices " Healthy ”and a few shy protein drinks such as Feed and Yfood, curious“ nomadic ”meal with marketing arguments more focused on productivity than on taste pleasure. From now on, brands like Maison Loüno, Nümorning, Hygee or Ephycure rely on decorations of plants and mushrooms to mix with milk or water to prepare for comforters.

We are looking here for something mystical, almost religious

And the trend is confirmed. Detoxifying, fermented, alcohol or energizing, drinks stamped well-being diversify, although they remain confined to selective points of sale and other confidential eshops. Bringing their communication on the health and well-being profits they provide, these young brands target an eco-conscious clientele and concerned about its longevity.

"Accelerated during the pandemic, awareness on mental health issues served as an accelerator,Confirms Alexandra Jubé, founder of the eponymous office specializing in the decryption of trends, which advises many fashion houses and cosmetics. We are now looking for solutions to feel better, as quickly as possible. Hence the emergence of "Elevated Food" embellished with particular properties, where food supplements and drinks are registered. Benefits carried by natural ingredients often borrowed from ancestral practices, whether mushrooms, herbs or plants. We are looking for something mystical, almost religious here. We need to put back rite and faith in a time when we no longer believe in much. ”

Without alcohol, is the party crazier?

Impossible to escape it: good resolutions oblige, the fourth French edition of Dry January launched ten years ago across the Channel was a phenomenal success and an unprecedented media impact, in reverse of the powerful alcohol lobby and a culture of the Oenology solidly rooted in local heritage. Large independent groups and brands are rushing into the breach, all wishing to take the aperitif health.

This is evidenced by the success story French Bloom, a French house sparkling wine without alcohol launched in 2021 by the model Constance Jablonski and Maggie Frerejean-Aittinger. Concocted from organic Chardonnay produced in France and natural ingredients, the range consists of white wines and effervescent rosés, balanced alternative to alcoholic beverages. A concept that stands out in force in top models concerned with their silhouette and in the evenings of the fashion microcosm.

We thought we had to redefine the codes of the celebration

"We met in New York ten years ago," explains Constance Jablonski. When Maggie got pregnant, she sometimes felt excluded, without being able to drink. For my part, my modeling career exploded, with a lot of trips. So I came to "deprive myself of my outings with friends so as not to be the spoil that refused to drink in the evening. We thought we had to redefine the codes of the celebration. ”Duo priority?Combine conviviality and self care.“Gourmet with various flavors and aromas, French Bloom is without added sugars, sulfites without calories, organic and vegan,continues Constance Jablonski.We did not just want to quench their thorough wine, but create a recipe that combines French know-how and well-being. ”A healthy aim that joins that of the Petit Beret, alcohol -free drinks and vegan friendly.“Small beret has existed since 2016. We are one of the pioneer companies on the market,declares the co-creator of the Fathi Benni brand.Small beret started by developing alcohol -free wines, then embarked on beers and spirits. My co-founder Dominique Laporte was elected best sommelier in France and is at the heart of the design of each product, which allows us today to integrate the map of great starred chefs. ”

CBD, from Zen to cans

New green gold with anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic virtues, the CBD also invests the drinks sector. Spotted on the Instagram accounts of all that the Insiders Fashion Planet, the Chilled cans imagined in partnership with Jacquemus have become collector in an almost instantaneous way. The winning recipe of this brand launched between two confinements by David Migueres and Martin Gunther? Source water taken from Gensac in the southwest of France, in which cannabidiol is then integrated.

“We noticed that the drinks sector increased sharply in the United States, they declare in choir.We therefore decided to launch a product that responds to the double health problem of sugar -free and functional. We have developed our own recipes with natural ingredients and a CBD extracted in France, in a more ecological container than glass, can. A packaging twice as much green in terms of production, transport and recycling, which appeals thanks to its Nineties side. ”

The photogenic and colorful can with retro accents redesigned in its green version, it is also the bet of Trip, launched by Olivia Ferdi and her husband Dan Khoury. Gluten -free, vegans and added sugars, these drinks infused with CBD and adaptogenic plants appear on the social networks of the fine flower of the healthistas."Consumer requests are changing, and we have found that generation Z is drinking less alcohol than its elders,confirms Olivia Ferdi. Trip offers to relax and socialize, but without needing to be alcohol. ”

Fermented drink obtained thanks to the cultivation of bacteria and yeasts, the Kombucha and its many benefits on the microbiota and the digestive system are also a place of choice within the drinking landscape.

For its part, Achille Miklitarian, co-founder of the Archipel brand claims:“Our Kombucha is above all responsible, and we respond to two inconsistencies linked to its production, which are distant sourcing and energy storage energy by offering stable drinks at room temperature. We favor local sourcing by replacing tea with French fruit trees.And add:Archipelago is social: our labels are expressive and our bottle recalls beer. At the table, in the evening, at the bar, he breaks the punitive image of the without alcohol drink. ”

So many initiatives that restore its full meaning to "health!" Cry of the heart of aperitif aficionados.

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