Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

There’s something ineffably charming about toasting life’s significant moments with a flute of sparkling wine in hand. Whether it's the pop of the cork, the effervescent bubbles, or the shared joy of the clink—there's magic in these little rituals. Now for those who have savored our collection of organic, non-alcoholic sparkling wines, we unveil a creation that sparkles as brightly as your festive moments—our Baby Bloom Box—a new gifting tradition in the making. Our latest gift to you: the Baby Bloom Box, a "little” indulgence in half-bottle format, created for those who love to toast life’s moments without the consequences of alcohol dampening the joy of the night before!

French Bloom sparkling wine epitomizes celebration, elegance, and joie de vivre. Unlike other non-alcoholic alternatives, the effervescence of our organic alcohol-free French Bubbly captures the spirit of the season like no other beverage, making it the quintessential gift for grand occasions and intimate celebrations alike. For a gift to the host, a heartfelt thank you or a hearty congratulations, French Bloom’s Baby Bloom Box strikes the perfect note. 

Good things come in petite packages

Having perfected the art of celebration without consequence, nor compromise, we’re delighted to unveil our Baby Bloom Box. Offering a duo of our most sought-after non-alcoholic French Bubbly varieties—Le Blanc and Le Rosé—in half bottles, our Baby Bloom Box is ideal for a gathering or raising a toast with a friend.

Désormais, les épicuriens soucieux de leur santé peuvent se délecter des vins pétillants sans alcool French Bloom et satisfaire leurs envies d'effervescence sans compromettre leur bien-être. Qu'il s'agisse de porter un toast lors de moments spéciaux ou simplement de profiter d’un rafraîchissement délicieux, les magasins Erewhon sont désormais la destination privilégiée pour que vos rêves pétillants deviennent réalité.

Elegance in every sip

Our alcohol-free French sparkling wine collection, created in the picturesque South of France delivers all the sophistication and delight of traditional sparkling wine. Each sip of French Bloom is an ode to the rich heritage of French winemaking, beautifully balanced with today’s evolving tastes. There's a flavor profile to suit every palate; French Bloom offers a unique bouquet and tasting notes to delight both seasoned connoisseurs and recent adopters. 

Twice the joy

Why settle for one when you can have two? Each of our brand-new Baby Bloom Box organic 0.0% sparkling wine gift boxes contains two half bottles of our most beloved non-alcoholic varieties packaged to perfection. Whether it’s our crisp and zesty Le Blanc or our mineral-rich Le Rosé, our Baby Bloom half-bottle duo is perfect for an intimate evening for two, or a toast to match the mood of the occasion. 

Personalized to perfection

For a gift received with guaranteed delight, each Baby Bloom Box comes with your special touch: personalized gift tags embossed with your message, secured with an elegant soft pink grosgrain ribbon. For commemorating a birth, a birthday, an anniversary, a new job, or simply saying 'I'm thinking of you’, the personalized gift tag adds an extra soupçon of thoughtfulness.

Tasting notes

Le Blanc’s classic organic French Chardonnay dealcoholized wine opens with a minerality hinting to accents of pear, and is the inimitable signature of the house of French Bloom. Between acidity and depth, French Bloom Le Blanc reveals dazzling floral bursts in its heart. Its tropical notes are followed by an evolution of Granny Smith apple, accords of white flowers and slightly spicy citrus fruits with a sparkling freshness.

Le Rosé artfully oscillates between complex minerality and the freshness of rose petals, red fruits and white peach to reveal at its heart a true floral bouquet of vibrant notes. A majestic burst of rose petals meets the acidity of freshly picked red fruit, combined with notes of dry white peach. French Bloom's signature French Chardonnay dealcoholized wine accents with a touch of Pinot Noir are enhanced by these bright, sparkling aromas.



World’s Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Winner

A Baby Bloom Box gives much more than the duo of bottles contained within. You will give the gift of memories to be created together; a testament to the idea that life's milestones deserve to be celebrated with fervor and finesse, no matter their scale. Gifting a duo of French Bloom sparkling wine is not just about the effervescent liquid; it's an offering of shared joy, a wish for prosperity, and a toast to cherished memories yet to be made. With its rich history rooted in luxury and its universal appeal that transcends cultures and borders, our non-alcoholic French sparkling wine effortlessly elevates any event. Whether marking a milestone, expressing gratitude, or simply spreading cheer, there’s no gesture more fitting than the pop of a cork and the shimmer of bubbles ascending in a flute.

As you and the people who matter most to you embark on new journeys, mark small triumphs, or simply add a little sparkle to a serene evening, let French Bloom be your companion. Celebrate the moments, the milestones, and the everyday joys with French Bloom. Here’s to a new era of joyous celebrations. 

Discover our Baby Bloom Box, and our entire collection of alcohol-free sparkling French wines, and let every moment sparkle with French Bloom.